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  • "Small in number but Big in impact" British PM's Thai Pongal Message
    15th January 2019
    Culture, News, Sliderhome
    LONDON(Tha Lifestyle) : "Small in number but big in impact, every day and in...
  • Oxfam(GB)'s new Tamil CEO : Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah
    22nd December 2018
    Charity, News, Sliderhome
    Oxfam GB has appointed British Tamil , Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah as its new chief executive,...
  • Prison Officer to Crowned Ausie Master Chef - Sashi Cheliah inspries
    22nd September 2018
    Food, News, Sliderhome
    Victory moments!   Sashi Chelliah , Singapore born Tamil , star police officer in Singapore and...
  • " Thai Piranthal Vazhi Pirakkum " Canadian Op NDP Leader Tom Mulcair on Thai Pongal Message
    16th January 2018
    Culture, News, Sliderhome
    Tom Mulcair with kids As world leaders lined up the send Tha Pongal wishes to...
  • Tamil community punches well above its weight ! - British PM on Tha Pongal Message
    14th January 2018
    Culture, News, Sliderhome
    British PM in Saree British Prime Minister Theresa May admired British Tamil community in her...
  • "Tamil Canadians help make Canada stronger, more open, and more inclusive." - Canadian PM on Thai Pongal
    14th January 2018
    Culture, News, Sliderhome
    Canadian PM with Tamil Cultural warrior dancers As world leader release their messages on Tha...
  • Could you be eating 'Plastic rice' , seriously? How to Identify?
    11th June 2017
    Food, News, Sliderhome
    World of Rice Eaters are been shocked by the the news of 'Platic Rice...
  • Got third on Golbal Box office - Baahubali 2 Conquers India and reach the West
    20th May 2017
    Entertainment, News, Sliderhome
    Breaking all the box office records in  India, "Bahubali: The Conclusion" has captured become...
  • Asia’s Tallest Netballer Tharjini contracted to play in Australia
    26th April 2017
    News, Sliderhome, Sports
    Tharjini Sivalingam, a Tamil from Sri Lanka , and Asia's tallest  Netball player has been contracted...