Tamil community punches well above its weight ! – British PM on Tha Pongal Message

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British PM in Saree

British PM in Saree

British Prime Minister Theresa May admired British Tamil community in her special Thai Pongal message quoting “Your community punches well above its weight, making a real difference to countless lives right across the country.”

Further She continued highlighting the sucess of diversity in modern Britain saying

“I want this to be a country where everyone, regardless of their background, can play their part and achieve their ambitions. Our Tamil community is a fantastic example of what that looks like, helping make Britain the diverse, successful country we are all so proud of.

So to everyone celebrating today and in the days to come, let me wish you all a happy Thai Pongal, and an auspicious year ahead.”

No 10 Downing Street released her video speech on the offical Youtube page

Tha Lifestyle and British Tamil Community also wish the Brritsh Government and all in Britian With Happy Thai Pongal; wishes.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s Thai Pongal message – GOV.UK

Theresa May wishes everyone a happy Thai Pongal and an auspicious year ahead.

Source: www.gov.uk/government/news/prime-minister-theresa-mays-thai-pongal-message

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