Saree & Vetti Clad tourists in Historic Nallur temple ,surprise the Jaffna

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The northern city of Jaffna is a world away from the rest of island, is now become hot sensation of enthusiastic tourists. After engulfed in the civil war the city was closed to world for decades, now a busy place to taste the Tamil culture for the foreign-living Tamils and the tourists in general.

One of the must to visit place in Jaffna is the historic Hindu temple of Nallur, one of the most significant Hindu temples on the earth.

For the traveller, the north is Sri Lanka’s final frontier, and offers a fascinating opportunity to explore a region emerging from isolation and civil war. Reaching the area is now straightforward via intercity train or by drive along famous A40 road although it still entails a long road journey or by a short flight. But for those who make the effort there are rich rewards.

Foremost of these is the fascinating town of Jaffna, with its absorbing mixture of colonial charm and vibrant Tamil culture, while the Jaffna Peninsula and surrounding islands offer a string of remote temples, beaches and more off-beat attractions.

Tourist who have visited have shared their experiences in the city as extra ordinary on tourist blogs and social media.

Some tourists who decided to experience the most visited temple, in their own style. A number of tourists clad in traditional Tamil attire participated in the Nallur temple celebrations, have attracted the attention of many locals and viral on social media. Check out the pictures of some beautiful moments of tourist who wore Saree & Vetti to attend the temple which would be their unforgettable moments of life.


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